Homelite Generator Carburetor HG5000 HG6000 HGCA4500 HGCA5000 4500 5000 6250W


$44.95 $89.98


Homelite Branded Gasoline Generator


HG5000- 389CC, 5000, 650W

HG6000- 389CC, 5500, 6000W

HGCA4500- 389CC, 4500, 5625W

HGCA5000- 420CC, 5000, 6250W

OEM Part Number:




1x Carburetor


Special Note:

  • Some come with Solenoids yet some have none.

  • Solenoids could possibly be no use to the above gasoline generator models.

  • If your OEM Carburetor has no solenoid,  simply disable the solenoid by  connecting the male and female connectors together.

  • Guaranteed fit and performance with our product. Feel free to contact for support.


Mounting Measurements:

2 Mounting Holes In The Front End- About 17/64 in.

2 Mounting Holes In The Rear End- 21/64 in.

Distance Between The Center of 2 Mounting Holes of Front and Rear Ends- 2-1/16 in.