DeWalt Pressure Washer Carburetor DXPW4240 DH4240B 4200PSI 4GPM Assembly




1 X Carburetor and Choke Lever .

DeWalt Branded 13HP 4200PSI 4GPM Power Pressure Washer



Models: DXPW4240 & DH4240B. 


This carburetor is complete with lever and will replace any of these


Brands Carburetors:  HUAYI, RUIXING, JINGKE, & XIELI


The carburetor has the following mounting specs:


Front Mounting Holes: Approx. 6.85mm

Rear Mounting Holes: Approx. 6.85mm

Distance between the centers of Front Two Mounting Holes: 42.9mm

Distance between the centers of Rear Two Mounting Holes: 42.9mm


Please note:

The note the item pictured is exactly what you receive. Please check it against your OEM carburetor.