Heavy Duty 6" Linear Actuator w/Tilt Brackets & Mounting 12V DC 225lbs Max Lift


$47.95 $50.00


6" Linear Actuator with Mounting and Support Brackets

Makes for easy, sturdy, and accurate installation


161/16" Extended Length

10 1/16"Compressed Length

[From center of Mounting Holes]



Overall Height: 10 7/8"

Width: 2 1/8" (74mm)



12 Volt

6" Extension.

225 Pound (102.3 Kg) Max Lift.

Speed: 12mm /second.

6mm Diameter Mounting holes

20mm Diameter Shaft


Wiring included, pre-installed.

Built-in clutch prevents over-extending and over-compressing.

Includes 2 mounting brackets, 2 pins, and 2 cotter pins.