Honda Ems4000 Ems4500 Replacement Avr 32350-Za1-622 32350-Za1-621 Assembly


$24.75 $36.00


4.0 - 6.5 KW AVR Replacement Generator

Includes: 1x AVR-4565HEMS

Automatic Voltage Regulator





Compatible with:

32350-ZA1-621 and 32350-ZA1-622

Special Note:

  • A higher output works great on a generator of low power output AVR; However, a low power output AVRwill notwork for higher power output generators.
  • If the generator needs adjustment, simply a small bronze screw in a blue rubber part to reach preferred power output. (Turning clockwise for increasing, while counter-clockwise for decreasing voltage output).

Special Details

  • Full-wave Built-in Rectification Bridge.
  • Increased Voltage Output When Loading.
  • Even Output Voltage With Negative Voltage.
  • Protection from Short Circuit, Over Voltage and Over Current.
  • Adjustable Output Range from 160V-260V For 240V Output.


  • Ultimate Output: DC 90V 3.5A
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • AC Voltage Output: 120V-240V
  • UltimateTemperature: 130C - 266F
  • Continued Working: 20 Hours
  • Center Installation Distance: ABout 5.5 in.