Submersible Pump, 4" Deep Well, 1 HP, 220V, 33 GPM, 207 ft Max, long life




4" Deep Well, Fits in a 4" well casing
33 MAX GPM (Gallons per minute)
1 HP (Horse Power)
5.1 Amps
1-1/4" NPT discharge
207 Feet Max Head is for open Water Tanks
220 Volt (220V)
7 Stage design
Water Temperature: (32  ~ 113 F) Trans Medium Ph: 6.5 ~ 8.5

Patented Impeller design provides extended pump life and heavy flow, under the worst circumstances. The Shell and Motor Shaft are made with Stainless Steel to ensure corrosion resistance. High quality sealed ball bearings guarantee its excellent performance.

Hermetically sealed motor has a built in capacitor start anf thermal protection to prevent overheating. Built in Control box. This pump DOES NOT require an external control box. This is a 2 wire pump with 3-wires (2 wires & ground wire). 4' long electric cord comes with this submersible deep well pump

Heavy duty thermoplastic impellers, diffusers and intake screen. This pump also has a built in check valve. Uniquely designed to reduce its noise. Last longer than  the all plastic bottom suction pumps, which weigh half as much as this pump (with same HP)