Titan 6500 TG6500 TG6500ES with Manual Choke Lever Gasoline Generator Carburetor




Manual Choke Titan Gasoline Generator


1x Carburetor and choke lever

*Fuel hose with 2 Clips*



6500, TG6500, TG6500ES


Special Note:

Some may or may not have/need a solenoid, for some have no use for the solenoid. If your model donesn't need the solenoid, simply disable it by directly plugging its one male and female connectors together. Our carburetor guarentees high performance and fitting. If you have any questions, you're more than welcome to contact us for support. 



Mounting Measurements:

2 Mounting Holes In The Front End- About 17/64 in.

2 Mounting Holes In The Rear End- 21/64 in.

Distance Between The Center of 2 Mounting Holes of Front and Rear Ends- 2-1/16 in.